Museum Shop: Glass Ornaments & Gifts

Please add $5.00 for postage & handling fee for anywhere in the United States,
or stop by the Museum to make your purchase. Gift wrap, add $1.50; Museum Card, add $0.75
If you prefer not to pay online, please itemize your request and enclose a check to:
Marion County Historical Society P. O. Box 1636, Fairmont, WV 26555-1636
All Prices Include Sales Tax

If your items comes in multiple colors, please specify your color preference[s] in the comment section of the PayPal checkout. We are unable to stock all combinations and every one is different, but we will do our best to give you what you request. You can always call us to see what we currently have in stock.

Glass Sun Catchers
Butterfly & Bird Sun Catchers $12
Glass Candy Kisses
Glass Kisses $3.50 [1.75" H x 1.25"W]
Glass Fan Pulls
Glass Fan or Light Pulls. $9.00
Specify color Preference

Glass Kitties
Glass Kitties $10 [2.75"H x 2"D x1.5"D]
Glass Pen Holders
Glass Pen Holders $10 [3" to 5.25"H]
Glass Paperweights
WV Glass Paperweights $25
Glass Ring Rests
Ring Rests $12 [approx. 5"H]
Glass State Monument Paper Weight [small]
Small Paperweights with State Monument
Glass Friendship Balls
Friendship Balls $16.50 [3.5"D]
Long ago before shopping was a daily experience, friends passed friendship balls back and forth between each other to celebrate special events such as birthdays and holidays. Friendship balls are said to be like true friendship, having no true beginning and or end. Specify color preference.
Glass Witches Balls
Witches Balls $16.50 [3.5"D]
Witches balls were very popular during the 18th C in England, but their origin is thought to be much older. For over 300 years hollow glass balls have hung in windows to ward off witches' spells, evil spirits and ill fortune. Notice the several threads of glass inside the balls, intended to trap witches. Specify color preference..

Glass with State Silhouettes
West Virginia Lucky Stones. State Silhouettes in Glass. $2.00

Glass Ornaments
Small Glass Ornaments $10 [2"D].
Specify preferred color choice.

Sonnencroft Milk Glass Ornament
Milk Glass Ornament. Sonnencroft, Home of Coal Baron Clyde E. Hutchison. $10.00

Fleming Mansion Milk Glass Ornament
Milk Glass Ornament. The Thomas A Fleming Mansion, Home of the Woman's Club of Fairmont $10.00
Central United Methodist Church
Milk Glass Ornament. Central United Methodist Church, the Original Father's Day Church. $10.00
Sheriff's Residence
Milk Glass Ornament. The Marion County Sheriff's Residence, now home to the Marion County HIstorical Society. $10.00
Marion County Court House Milk Glass Ornament
Milk Glass Ornament. The Marion County Court House and Stained Glass. $10.00
























































































Glass Ornaments

Stained Glass Window from the Marion Court House on front & relevant information on back - $10.00
Marion County Museum: Former Sheriff's office on front & relevant information on the back - $10.00


Our glass items are created here in West Virginia. We stock limited numbers and each piece is slightly different, and this is especially noticeable in the colors used in the balls. Therefore, when you order certain of these, you will need to add a comment on your order that specifies your requested colors or color combination. We will do our best but we may not have what you want in stock. If we have nothing close, we will email you to that effect and allow you to make another choice or receive a refund..

• Paperweights. Clear glass with the West Virginia quarter inside. $10.00
• Aroma ball. Use with your favorite scent for a little aroma therapy $16.50
• Bird & Butterfly Suncatchers. Beautiful in a sun filled window $10.00
• Ring Rest. A safe location for your treasured ring $10.00
• Fan Pull. Pretty enough for a necklace $8.00
• WV Lucky Stones. Small glass stones with an image of West Virginia etched on them. Ours are etched in blue. $ 2.00

All of the glass art balls below are different. Each one is individually handblown and no two are exactly alike. When you order you will be asked to specifiy a predominant color. The images shown are just a small sample of the pieces we have in stock or have had in stock.They are all beautiful.
• Friendship Balls. Before gifts were affordable, our forefathers still wanted to recognize happy events in friends' lives with a present. Therefore Friendship Balls came into being. The ball was passed on from person to person and back again. Perhaps you'd like one to recreate an old tradition among your circle of loved ones. $16.50
• Witches Balls. In colonial times many believed in witches and evil spirits.To prevent these beings from entering the home, these glass balls were hung in doorways and windows. The witch or spirit would be entranced with its beauty and become trapped inside. Each is multicolored and has three tubes running through it. $16.50
• Decorative Balls. Colorful glass balls to hang and catch the light. $10.00