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MARION COUNTY: DVDs, Videos and Music
Send a Vet to School

[DVD] Take a Vet to School Day
11-12-08 EFHS

Witch of Marion County DVD

DVD] Joann Lough as The Witch of Marion County, a True Story  $20.00

Jane Gilchrist as Susan Holt Camden

[DVD] Jane Gilchrist as Susan Holt Camden $20.00

DVD-Scenes of Fairmont II

[DVD] Scenes of Fairmont II
by D.D.Meighen $20.00

Scenes of Fairmont III

[DVD] Scenes of Fairmont III by D.D.Meighen $20.00[

Scenes of Fairmont IV

[DVD] Scenes of Fairmont IV
by D.D.Meighen $20.00


[DVD] West Virginia, A Film History-6hrs
[A WV History Film Project by the WV Humanities Council]  

  [CD] Wha-ke-we-nn: 
Flavor of the Hills
Frozen In Time [CD] Wha-ke-we-nn: 
Frozen in Time    
WV Highlanders of D&E-Live [CD] The WV Highlanders of Davis & Elkins College: 
Live at the RCCAC
  [CD] The WV Highlanders of Davis & Elkins College: 
The 60th Anniversary
Robert Byrd "Mountain Fiddler"

[CD] U.S. SENATOR ROBERT BYRD, Mountain Fiddler